Welcome to Wildwood Christmas Tree Farm. Visit our site on the web...then come visit in person!
Today we are getting ready for Spring Planting which begins next weekend. 

We rented a stump grinder for the weekend.  Say good-bye to all the stumps from the Christmas season.

The boys (Caleb, 8 & Judah, 3) have been chomping at the bit to go see what Daddy's doing out in the field.  So, after breakfast dishes were cleaned up and chores were done, we walked down to the field to get a look.  Daddy decided to give the boys a lesson on how the stump grinder works. 
Love their enthralled faces and Judah's stance.
It's too loud, Daddy!  Can you turn it down? 
Cute, 3 yr. old logic. 
No more stump!
Row ready for planting.
Here's a video of the stump grinder at work.  It's a little loud and boring according to my 12 yr. old daughter, but my 8 and 3 yr. old sons think it is totally awesome!
Welcome to all of our families (old & new)...well, you know what I mean...old is relative...depends on who your relatives are, right? hehehe! 

What I really meant to say there is ...Welcome to all of you who have been to our farm before and to those of you who are venturing out for your first experience at Wildwood Christmas Tree Farm!

We are open and waiting for you to visit! 

If you already visited this past weekend, we sure hope you had a fun time on the farm!

Can you believe it's that time again!  As of this post it's 32 days until Christmas!  Phew!  Have you started your shopping, yet?  I have not....but, we have a fabulous gift shop right here, so be sure to spend some time browsing in it when you come to the farm!

I wanted to share with you a contest we are doing over on our Facebook page.  The winner will receive a $15.00 gift certificate towards the purchase of next year's tree...will you join us?

We are counting our blessings this week and remembering all that God has done for us.  We are thankful for all of you.
Happy Thanksgiving!!

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    Hi!  I'm Dawn.
    Wife to David
    Mama to Nick, Dakota, Hannah, Caleb & Judah
    We live on the farm and love it out here in the country.  It's a beautiful spot and we are thankful for so many blessings from the Lord.  We love celebrating the birth of Jesus at Christmastime and serving and honoring Him all through the year.


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