Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do we cut and transport our tree?

    We have handsaws available for your family to carry to the field to cut your tree.  Please do NOT bring your own chainsaw or other saw. We will shake and net your tree and we have twine available and will help you tie the tree to your vehicle for the ride home. If you plan on purchasing a ball & burlap tree, you’ll need a truck to get it home. See our ball & burlap section on our Trees page for more information.

  • Can I bring my pet?

    Please leave your dogs and other animals at home unless he or she is a fully trained service dog or assistance animal. Thank you!

  • What should I wear?

    Please wear boots or tennis shoes/sneakers when visiting us.  Open-toed shoes can be dangerous on a farm.

  • I’m allergic to Christmas trees. Is there a tree that will work for me?

    Yes, we have an option for you! A White Pine Christmas tree has a small fragrance and has been classified as a good tree for allergy sufferers.  Be sure to have your tree shaken in our tree shaker before you take it home. Another way to cut down on allergy triggers is to hose down the tree and let it dry before taking it into your house.  A lot of the time it's the pollen or mold that has collected in the tree over the years it has been growing that can create a trigger for allergy sufferers. To compound that, the ride home can add lots of dust to your tree.

  • Will a live tree bring bugs into my house?

    There are no guarantees with a live Christmas tree.  It's been living out in the open where animals and pests tend to make their homes.  We shake your tree to remove any unwanted pests, however... sometimes it's not enough. A good hosing down of your tree once you get it home and letting it dry before taking it into the house may help to rid it of any unwanted pests.

  • Do you use pesticides on your trees?

    We do NOT use pesticides on our trees or in our fields.

  • Can I bring my kids and just come play and paint ornaments and take a hayride?

    Because our business is a family Christmas tree farm all the wonderful activities we provide are only for our customers who purchase a tree.